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shanghai mahjong v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[2 MB]

red hot rescue v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[2.84 MB]

spider man the animated series(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[1.76 MB]

street fighter 2(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[4.17 MB]

super mario 64 v1.2(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[2.49 MB]

puzzle bobble v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[2.23 MB]

prince of persia v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[2.37 MB]

monster-truck-challenge(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[43.11 MB]

mystic training v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[3.88 MB]

ninja showdown v1.0(RiskyJaTT.CoM).exe[3.88 MB]

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